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Welcome to the Better Health Network


Our Vision

To be the leader in coordinating access to care and health and wellness services for under-served communities.

Our Mission

To provide or refer individuals to health support services designed to improve health access, patient experience and health outcomes in urban underserved communities.


Health Insurance Enrollment Period

Do you have questions on which healthcare option is best for you? Please click the link below and take a moment to read through our presentation of insurance offerings. Find out eligibility requirements, enrollment periods and how to sign up for the various plans.

Get Health Insurance Information

Better Health Network Ambassador Training Program and Health Campaign

A series of ten year-round multi-time and multi-locations training sessions for volunteer and paid community health ambassadors; Meetings would include a breakfast, lunch or light dinner option.

Training agenda topics:

  • Addressing community informational and support resource challenges
  • Health insurance education/enrollment support
  • Social service needs
  • Health campaign events
  • Ancillary resources for community members
  • Community Health Choices
  • Health Share Exchange

Potential health campaign messaging and event focus areas:

  • Diabetes
  • Cancer Screening
  • Asthma/COPD
  • Substance Abuse Recovery

Since 2013, Better Health Network has:

  • 500,000 persons (through BHN) heard health insurance and ACA related messages
  • 30,000 – Consumer support interactions
  • 4-6,000 – Health insurance enrollments
  • 1,000+ Faith and community-leaders and community ambassadors educated on ACA related enrollment
  • Coordinated 2014-15 ACA Open Enrollment Period related outreach messaging for Philadelphia Mayor’s Office of Faith-Based Initiatives
  • In 2014 & 2015, Jermaine Bromell presented Better Health Network’s faith-based ACA outreach plan to US HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell
  • In November 2015, BHN hosted Acacia Salatti White House Director of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partners for two mega-church ACA announcements and a Festival of Praise concert intermission announcement
  • In December 2015, BHN hosted CEO Kevin Counihan for multiple faith-based organization announcements and an area wide independent health insurance agents meeting
  • Participated in three White House National Faith-Based ACA Planning meetings
  • In 2015 and 2016, BHN hosted Medicare informational and entertainment concerts targeting over 25,000 individuals
  • In 2017, BHN partnered with the Trump Administration to host a Regional Conference on The Impact and Options related to Opioid Addictions
  • In 2018, Jermaine Bromell served as a national speaker for US HHS discussing opportunities to better integrate faith and community-based organizations in achieving better health outcomes.