Value proposition to key health stakeholders:


Better, more cost-effective member health outcomes
Grow or maintain market share
Provider network support
Support patient/community-centered care
More efficiently reach targeted populations
Reduce health disparities
Achieving government metrics, including HEDIS goals


Better, more cost-effective patient outcomes
Grow patient base
Targeted patient support services
Quality of life support services

Faith/community-based organizations:

Healthy living program/ministry
In-reach and out-reach community health focus
Coordinated health messaging talking points
Cobranded health portal
Collaborative voice in the transformation of health care system
Volunteer health ambassador training and support program
Access to regular newsletter w/ health info and updates
Year round health insurance education and enrollment support
Health fair/event support and development
Community members links to medical providers and other related health services
Access to BHN events


Healthy population
Reduce health cost pressure
Reduce ancillary health expense
Build a culture of good health


Improve worker health
Improve worker productivity
Reduce overall cost of health care
Support employee’s neighborhood health options
Increase disposable income for consumers


Health insurance education & enrollment support
More consumer friendly health system
Resources link to needed services
Health marketing for preventive services
Provider support
Health education